“What we wear should be a statement of individuality. And our product allows you to personalize your style and express your individuality” – Cindy Taylor  (Founder of Ziggit)

Since its launch earlier this month, ZIGGIT is the hottest accessory on the market. The easy to use clip-on accessory makes offline emoji expression fun and personal.


Cindy Taylor, Founder of ZIGGIT has spent months working on the details of the stylish and fashion forward ZIGGIT and Zicons. Each letter, number and symbol is made with stainless steel and range from rose-gold to black fonts.


It’s like texting without a phone – Cindy Taylor

LKissStyle, blog by Lisa Kisber featured ZIGGIT on Global Montreal with Camille Ross earlier this week and named it as one of the hottest trends for Spring/Summer 2016.


Ziggit as a brand is fun and stylish! With it’s organized hunts around Montreal, it’s become more like a lifestyle, creating a new millennial community in and around Montreal. Ziggit is also a hassle-free accessory, from ordering to maintenance, and turns heads!

Stay plugged into this new Montreal lifestyle brand and community for their upcoming hunt via:

ZIGGIT on Facebook

For more information on ordering visit:


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