MONTREAL, QC – Holographic fashion accessories now available for purchase


July 5, 2016

In March, the dynamic Montreal founders of Ziggit launched their new website and

online store, ziggitstyle.com. The idea was to bring concise and colourful online

messaging trends from the Internet to the streets. Proudly born in Montreal, their Ziggit

and Zicon emoticon clip-on pins allow people to customize anything from a headband to

a shoelace with playful letters, numbers, and symbols.

Now Ziggit is introducing their latest collection—holographic pins. The same size and

clothing-friendly design as the others, Ziggit has taken real-life images for the first time

(in this case, an eye winking and a tongue licking its lips), as a way of pushing the emoji-

of-the- streets idea to the next level and allowing them to say even more. The collection

also includes four of Ziggit’s most popular illustrated models reimagined, with new

color schemes and lenticular technology for that holographic effect.

“With this new animated collection, we are giving life and action to an already colourful

and expressive accessory,” says Cindy Taylor, founder. “The holographic pins

complement our other regular Ziggits and Zicons beautifully. We are always trying to

incorporate new mediums with every collection. It’s all about keeping things fresh and


This limited edition run of black and gold plated Ziggits are also a great value. They are

being sold at the same price as Ziggit’s permanent collections: $9 each or $7 each for

four or more. The Ziggit holographic collection is now on sale for a limited time only. To

purchase, or for more information, visit http://ziggitstyle.com/

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