Vues d’Afrique Top Picks: Day Two

Here are our picks for today!


Du piment sur les lèvres

Piment sur les levres

Country: France/Cameroun

Director: Laurène Lepeytre

Time : 60 mins

Genre : documentary

Room: Salle de projection principale

Showtime: 5:45 pm

VALSERO defines himself as a political rapper. He, attacks, challenges and lambasts the dictatorial management of President PAUL BIYA who has been in power for 32 years. His songs including CE PAYS TUE LES JEUNES (this country kills the youth) , NE ME PARLEZ PLUS DE CE PAYS (don’t mention this country to me again) or the famous LETTRE AU PRESIDENT (letter to the president) have unleashed a storm of harassment on him by the Biya regime, but also the love and respect from the Cameroonian people. VALSERO has been arrested many times and many of his concerts were forbidden. Nevertheless, the album was extremely successful.



Flower Girl

Flower Girl

Country: Nigeria

Director: Michelle Bello

Time : 60 mins

Genre: fiction

Room: Salle Fernand-Seguin

Showtime: 3:15 pm

The film starts off on a familiar note, a young lady’s fantasy of a full blown Naija wedding with all the works is played out. Luckily for her, she has the most important ingredient for her dream to come true, a man and not just any man but her long-term boyfriend Umar (Chris Attoh).

The only problem is that he wants to advance higher on the career ladder before settling down. With a promotion in the offing, Kemi readies herself for the ultimate proposal but instead she gets a shocker – a public break up. Her world literally crashes down around her. But once she recovers, she sets out to get him back at all costs and basically that is what the film is all about.




Country: Canada

Director: Sylvain Elfassy

Time : 15 mins

Genre: documentary

Room: Salle Fernand-Seguin

Showtime: 5:45 pm




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