Victoria Kult RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneurs Awards Nominee Turns Passion into Millions

Victoria Kult, one of the leaders of the new generation of independent businesswomen in Quebec, is today reaping the fruits of her hard work. The 29-year-old entrepreneur is nominated for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneurs Awards from RBC Bank in the Dynamism category, a prestigious award ceremony designed to recognize the achievements and performances of the most influential women in the country. As of this summer, its line of protein supplements, Elles, has been distributed throughout the state of Florida and for sale through the leading chain of stores Vitamine Shoppe. Notably, Victoria Kult is the only female owner in Canada of a protein supplement company in a universe dominated by men.


Victoria Kult’s mission is to positively influence women on a daily basis so that they adopt a healthy lifestyle without becoming dependent on diets and other so-called miracle remedies. The certified personal trainer, weight management practitioner, alternative medicine, and naturopathic student’s primary goal is to demonstrate that it is possible to achieve health goals without just eating broccoli, or chicken and set yourself up for hours of cardio.

To achieve this, Victoria Kult has developed a unique concept of a healthy eating and training program for women. The new Stay Fit Challenge begins this week. It’s a balanced summer planning and recipe book that will help all women stay in shape. This eight-week protocol includes, among other things: a meal plan for fat loss; maintaining or gaining muscle mass; over 50 recipes for breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners, and even his favorite low-calorie cocktails; an eight-week workout plan with streaming videos at home or at the gym; each session lasts 35 to 45 minutes in the form of Tabata; The Stay Fit Challenge also offers free private, Zumba and yoga classes. At the end of the program, a participant will be drawn at random and she will win $ 1,000 in cash.

Victoria Kult developed the Elles range of supplements to allow women to maximize their results and complement their fitness program with products specifically designed for women and has succeeded in establishing itself in a market until then, only served by brands for men. Victoria Kult specializes in the health of women, pre and post-natal health, and works according to the hormones that change the bodies of women on a monthly basis. She adopts a fashion of healthy living without restricting certain macronutrients.

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