Two sisters feed over 500 people and raise thousands for Montreal’s most vulnerable

What started as a public plea on social media to feed ten families, propelled a catalyst of food and cash donations, feeding over 500 people, and raising over $3,000 in cash donations.

Owners of Twins entertainment, Mayte and Yohannie are determined to combat hunger, one family at a time. I have been following their journey on social media, and all I can say, is that I am amazed by the duo’s determination as calls, emails and deliveries started flowing to Yohannie’s Blowout & Beauty Salon.

This week, things took a more interesting turn for the pair when they received a phone call from a refugee family seeking shelter from the streets. The family recently relocated to Montreal, and had no other options.

Having enlisted their network, namely social activist  Mathieu Leonard and a few others, the community support reached national proportions. Reporter Melina Giubilaro picked up the story, resulting in donations being sent to the duo in support of the family, click here.

The update on the story is something out of a story book, resulting in the family being temporarily housed by a friend overnight. And the biggest news of all… the family received keys for a luxury unit all expenses paid for a full month courtesy Mins Jawhari, owner of Mins Management.

In a conversation with Mins, I learnt that he has been creating precedence by helping other families through his fondation, called Ojawhari. Having given an all expense paid unit to the family, Mins has also pulled his network together for the possibility of finding a long-term solution for the family.

So, what’s the moral of the story here? The moral of the story is simply this, you don’t need to be apart of a large scale charity organization to make a difference. In following the steps of Mayte and Yohannie, you too can change the world.

To get in contact with the sister, email


Permission to use photos by Mayte Carrera

*Disclaimer: I have donated food to the sister for the families in their list


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