Eccentric Tribal Fashion Hair by Coco Cristal & Helmer Joseph

Coco Cristal
and Helmer Joseph: two names synonymous to luxury in Montreal, New York and Africa.

The name Coco Cristal is associated to Christal Han:  African/Asian hairstylist, who brings African Excellence to the forefront; from her Haute-Gamme hairsalon, to the Haute-Gamme hairline she personally curates.

Cristal Han: Founder of Coco Cristal

Equally, the name Helmer Joseph is strongly linked to Couture. Couture at its highest caliber in Montreal. Another attribute to Helmer Joseph is the famous the famous Souche Magazine cover with Dorothy Rhau posing in his signature couture…simply sublime.


These two power-houses have now teamed up to produce a Hair/Fashion Show attributing African Culture but mainly focusing on the eccentric tribal roots of coiffure and the evolution of the The Black Woman’s Hair. Both are veterans in the Afro-Canadian Community, and their contribution to Black History Month is expected to be talked about all over.


“The history of black women’s hair up to the twenty-first century : a perspective. Whether braided, curly, straight or wavy, with black hues, mahogany, or blond streaks, the black woman uses her roots, culture, music and beliefs to tell story of her life with her tresses. She charms with her daring personality and destabilizes with her eccentricity. Queen of the world she is an integral part of high fashion through the ages. Eccentric Tribal Fashion Hair is a powerful theatrical showcase of a sparkling African rooted woman from yesterday to today”. – Coco Cristal and Helmer Joseph


The show will take place at the Grevin Museum located at 705 St. Catherine Street, Montreal, QC H3B-4G5.


The event will be held on February 25th, 2016.


The show will commence at 7:00 pm sharp.

For tickets and  RSVP:

Coco Cristal Boutique accompanied by the House of Helmer reveal the ebony woman through time.

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