Black-owned TIDY app Celebrates the last day of Black History Month with the Gift of Cleaning

Looking around my Little Italy apartment, I am constantly overwhelmed with a home-based business, writing a book, and trying to remain sane during the pandemic. Like most in my situation, and moreover families with more than one child, it can be stressful to manage homeschool, keep the morale up, and balance emotions.

When looking for references for in-home cleaning aid, it’s a maze figuring out where to look, who to trust, and of course what fees to pay. I have had two cleaning assistants over the years, and both were diligent and hard-working. But recently, I felt the need to reach out for assistance once again. I remember posting on Facebook and getting a private message with reference to a credible service. After a few attempts of trying to understand each other over the phone, I just decided to forget it, and clean my home myself.


Then, I noticed the TIDY app on Instagram and decided to take a look into it further. Because I don’t need assistance every week, or for long hours, I decided to give it try. It took less than five minutes to download the app, and in my area, the going base price runs for $55.00 an hour. There are add-on services, with a pay-per-price option, which makes it very convenient, because my oven only needs to be manually cleaned once per every few months or so, due to the efficiency of self-cleaning.

Learning that TIDY app is black-owned, we decided to collaborate on the last day of Black History month to give away two hours of cleaning service to a person deserving of the time-off. Visit my Instagram for more information about this giveaway, but until then, know that if you are feeling overwhelmed and wanting some time off for yourself, for family time, or just for peace of mind, contact TIDY app, accessible on apple and google play.


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