The Toronto Based “Black Fashion and Beauty Gala” is Opened for Nominations to Creatives in All Canada

If you live in Montreal, and socially connected to the world of award shows, you will know that the options for mainstream Black Public Figures are far in between. There also seems to be an uproar every year when the Gala Artis nomination list is released, normally with an all-White Cast. While there is a push for diversity on Television, and Radio, the numbers speak for themselves, and diversity is still lacking.

So why is it important to showcase Black talent? Well, it’s a profound question with an equally profound answer, but on the surface, the answer is the systematic suppression of Black Talent in certain areas of Canada. Herein the objective of The Black Fashion and Beauty Gala award, with the aspect of mentorship and grants to help Black Talent:

Founded by Celebrity Stylist, Ann-Marie Daniel-Barker, nominations open today. You can nominate your peers in up to seven categories, from Influencer of the Year to Model of the year, with the culmination of the award show on September 24th, 2021 in Toronto! While the BFBG Awards is in its first year, the red carpet is promised to be filled with Afro-Canadian stars, who heavily contribute to the world of Fashion and Beauty in Canada.

If you know someone who is making their mark in the world of Art and Culture in Montreal, or beyond click here to nominate:

For more information on the BFB Gala, contact:


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Cover photo: B Classic Media

Body photos: BFB Gala Instagram

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