The Man Behind M3 DGTL: The Digital Men’s Fashion Week

In 24 hours, Montreal’s fashion elite will flock to Maison Jazz in Laval to witness a fashion revolution by Mode Masculine Montreal. Translated to English, Mode Masculine Montreal simply means Montreal’s Men Fashion Week. Intrigued by the 2020 digital version, I had a chat with the man behind the movement: Yves Ulysse.

Me: So Yves, what’s so special about Montreal Men’s Fashion Week?

Yves: Well, we are the first Montreal Fashion Week for Men.

Me: Are you sure? I thought there were two other fashion organizations for men’s fashion?

Yves: While there might have been, there was no Montreal Men’s Fashion Week, ever in Montreal.

Me: Whoa, so you’re saying that you’re the first?

Yves: Yes, we are.

Me: Oh! Okay, so what does M3 mean?

Yves: Mode Masculine Montreal…

Me: So, where does the 3 come into play?

Yves: Mode-Masculine-Montreal, all the words start with M. And it’s three words. Therefore the MMM, that equals to M3.

Me: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I get it now!

Yves:  LOL

Me: So what inspired you?

Yves: I was inspired by Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. We didn’t have anything to fill that void in Montreal, so I decided to create one.

Me: Well thank you for the chat Yves, wishing you the best of success with M3!


M3/Mode Masculine Montreal is convinced that new technologies will bring a wave of innovation to the fashion world. In these moments of uncertainty and the cancellation of many cultural events across Canada, we had no choice to postpone some of our planned activities during our 2020 Event to a later date. However, we in continuing a selection of our events to express to show our interest in embracing the newfound relationship between the digital and physical fashion world.

In an effort to remain resilient and creative in this time of crisis due to COVID-19, M3 has adopted some exciting technological solutions for the upcoming presentation of this year’s annual event. This allows us to continue our commitment to promote our creators and maintain an ongoing support for diversity within the Men’s Fashion Industry of Montreal, Quebec and Canada, and bring it to the international stage.

Embracing the digital age will allow the M3 team to use different strategies and make room for creativity by implementing 360° image technology so that many of the events activities are accessible to view online, all the while maintaining well-deserved value to the collections we will be hosting.

Understanding that creators will truly benefit from this event, we hope that M3 will be one of the pioneers going forward in the popular digital transformation of online fashion activities. We decided therefore in 2020 to seize the opportunity to present the Montreal Digital Men’s Fashion Week.

Here’s what to expect during Montreal Men’s Fashion Week:

Programming M3 DGTL 2020
September 01 :
M3 Connect : 6 pm
Talk with MMODE & Marco Roy from collège Marie-Victorin
M3 interviews : 7 pm
Interview with Yves Jean Lacasse
Fashion designer .
M3 Fashion Film : 8 pm
September 02 : 6 pm
M3 Dj set with Vyktor Mass :
M3 interviews : 7 pm
Interview with Pascal Labelle fashion designer.
M3 Fashion film : 8 pm
03 September: 8 pm
M3 Digital Runway show broadcast in Livestream from the House of Jazz Laval


For more information on M3 DGTL please visit:

Source: M3 The Digital Men’s Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Yves Ulysse Facebook


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