“THE 108 JOURNEY,” by Hugo Rozon: A documentary film on Mental Health

The 108 Journey” is Hugo Rozon’s first documentary film, which he co-directed with Mathieu Perreault. This exceptional and shocking film was shot in India and Nepal in March 2020, before and during the COVID-19 global lockdown. It reveals the content of his diary, as he decided to have a positive outlook on mental illness:

“My greatest strength and my most beautiful weakness”, admits Hugo.

Now 25 years old, Hugo Rozon received his bipolar diagnosis after a road trip he took through California during the summer of his 18 th birthday. When he returned, he experienced a psychotic break and an episode of mania. In September 2013, he was committed to the psychiatric ward at the Hôpital Notre-Dame for one month. With “The 108 Journey”, Hugo Rozon flees urban chaos and makes peace with himself in India and Nepal. He leaves without knowing his destination. Hugo simply wanted to make this film. He needed to make this film.

This documentary allows him to open up to the outside world, to be his true self. He finds the pieces of the puzzle to put his existence back together. This project was risky, but he conquered the challenge.

To set off on his adventure, he stepped down from his position at the successful ad agency he had founded.

Despite his panic attack upon arrival, after he had abused alcohol and antidepressants, Hugo’s spiritual quest through India was a success. He visited a crematorium, feeling death all around him, he bathed in the Ganges River, he exposed himself by shaving his head, and he discovered peace of mind in Rishikesh, perched at the foot of the Himalayas. The place where the Beatles wrote the “White Album”.

The 108 Journey” is selected at the Snowdance Independent Film Festival, the “new” and most respected national and international festival in Germany, held from March 20 to 23. He will be competing in the best director and best script categories.

Viewers can watch Hugo Rozon’s film for free on his website. He wants as many people as possible, who have gone through the same ordeals as he has, to have the chance to watch it. He will also launch a fundraising campaign to recover some of the money he invested in his production.

After “The 108 Journey”, Hugo will continue to follow his instincts. He will work on building the “GENERAT1ON” community. The mission of this unique idea is to bring misunderstood people together in an environment where they can express themselves without judgment. It will also be a place to share helpful tools and information; to inspire these people through stories of others who managed to live with a particular condition and accomplish great things; to create a community that helps each other.

Watch “THE 108 JOURNEY” on January 28th, 2021 at 8:00 pm


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