Three Montreal Girl Bosses Are Opening Temple KA – A Holistic Centre in the Heart of the Plateau

It’s no secret that Montreal businesses have been severely hit by the pandemic, thus leaving tons of storefronts permanently empty, from the downtown core to the Plateau. If you live you in the area between St Zotique and Sherbrooke, you would also know that St-Denis is going under an intense facelift, with plans to be reconstructed in 2022. But with all of these odds, three Montreal #Girlbosses are showing us that if we combine our resources, our network, and our hope, miracles can happen. That miracle is Temple KA.

A labor of love, strong friendship, and holistic health bonded: Cherizar, Sabrina and Gytana. If you have been following A Circle That Heals on Instagram, you would have followed their journey from retreats in the country to their newest project, Temple KA.

Here’s a short introduction of each woman you will meet at tomorrow’s launch:

Gytana Theobrun always knew she was gifted. Gifted to see and sense things that others didn’t. Gifted in a way that made her journey to becoming, very difficult. But in 2018, after years of training, and in spite of all the reasons why she shouldn’t do it, she did it. She decided to embrace her destiny and open Temple KÀ. A place where she could share her gifts with others – her gifts as a medium and as an energy healer. And a place, that would be the first holistic spa in Montreal to specialize in yoni steaming. As a certified life coach, womb priestess, reiki master & crystal therapist, she easily made her mark, but after almost 2 years she had a vision of a bigger and more expansive version of Temple KÀ. And she knew that she needed partners to manifest this grander version of the KÀ.

Cherizar’s journey in the healing arts began when she became an intuitive writer. She discovered that sharing her most vulnerable experiences using words, was a tool for transforming pain into power. As she awakened more to her spiritual nature, her writing became more profound, and a way to channel messages from Spirit. By this point, she had met Gytana, whose healing accelerated her journey further. In 2019, she travelled to Latin America to study with several shamans, learning the healing traditions of the Incans & the Aztecs. Upon her return to Montreal, she knew it was her purpose to collaborate with Gytana, and her friends Sabrina & Kerri, to facilitate healing experiences. The Goddess Retreat was birthed then, and she never looked back. In 2020 the switch flipped when Gytana asked her to partner up for the new and improved version of the KÀ. She knew then, that the KÀ was their destiny, and that no matter what, they had to make it happen. She knew that with her background in mathematics and engineering, she would have to step up to manage operations, and at the same time, offer her unique brand of healing that renews ancient practices of alchemy. It seemed impossible, but she knew that with Gytana & Sabrina at her side, the impossible was possible. ⠀⠀⠀

From a young age, Sabrina was constantly told she was wise beyond her years. As she grew into her skin, her journey shape-shifted and evolved into what it is today. Through a deep devotion to healing others, her yoga practice switched into a need to teach. A need to guide. A need to allow Spirit to flow through her movement. In 2016, Sabrina travelled to Costa Rica to obtain her long-awaited yoga teacher training. An extensive and comprehensive training allowed her to hone her skills and step into her own. She quickly saw the benefits and effects of her teachings and delved even deeper. In 2019, throughout one of the darkest and most pivotal years of her life, Sabrina met Cher and the tone quickly shifted. Their energy, coupled with Cher’s insistence to visit her healer, Sabrina met Gytana and the wheels were instantly in motion. Working together as a trio has allowed Sabrina to awaken her gifts as a movement therapist, deepen her confidence as a tarot reader, and gain more clients for her revolutionary empowerment coaching programs. Be sure to acquaint yourself with Sabrina – we promise, she will wow you.

While tomorrow’s launch is by RSVP only with strict COVID-19 measures, you can visit Temple KA located at 4545 St Denis for your health and wellness needs.



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