Studio Alkemy’s Kemetic Yoga & My Anxiety

Born-again Christians preach strongly against Yoga. Myself, as a believer in the Bible, the Torah & Koran, I’ve always stayed away from any forms of yoga because I didn’t want spiritual contamination from alliances made through the spiritual entities invoked through the poses.

Having done years of research on the topic, I never heard of Kemetic Yoga and didn’t even have enough time to research it before booking a session at a Benoire Event in Montreal.

After booking, I wondered if it would cause spiritual damage as told by the Church.


Skeptical, I walked into the room guarded.

I saw all these women sprawled in poses I never thought possible.


I had no idea what to do or how to begin, so as shy and nervous as was, I positioned myself by a wall.

The atmosphere was clean, very clear and relaxed. As we moved from position, I felt no negative spiritual interference.

While we moved from pose to pose, we were given explanations of the symbolic meanings of the ranges: challenging but fulfilling, I found my spirit more receptive to the experience.

 I left my first kemetic yoga class relaxed and free from tension in a supernatural way.

It wasn’t until my second class with Kassandra that I really got it. She explained that with each pose we were releasing tension and energies from our bodies. When she said that, I paused and reflected on my church, synagogue and mosque experiences. 

I thought, that while we seek membership in these holy places to attain spiritual connections and enlightenment, they do minimal for our bodies.


Yes, exercise is a great outlet, but it does not release pent up emotions “somewhere in your spinal cord”.


The answer is yes. Absolutely. I’ve suffered with anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD for the last four years. It was not until my last weigh in with my trainer that I realized I had to get off the medication because of the extra weight gain.

While I will continue to train at the gym, I will go to studio Alkemy for my weekly dose of yoga.

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