Spa Bolton’s JOKI Sauna, the first in Quebec

Bolton Spa, a two-hour drive from Montreal, is an oasis surrounded by untouched nature and waterfalls, is proud to present its new installation called the JOKI Sauna – which means River in Finnish. This first phase of the project is just the beginning of several new things to come.

“It’s not about integrating nature into the experience; here we create pure moments of relaxation while preserving the natural state of the site. A challenge that we have been facing for 16 years!”, according to  Claude Provost, owner, and founder of the Bolton Spa.

So what’s the big deal with the new JOKI Sauna? Well, it’s the 3rd largest thermal bath of its kind similar to that of light therapy created naturally. The light of the moon and stars reflect on the water and the glass of the sauna; creating shapes, creating a story. Sitting on the rocky hat, our new wood-burning sauna (new glass building) that offers a breathtaking view of the elevation of the Missisquoi shoreline. It is a sauna heated to wood between 75 and 95 ° C (175 to 185 ).

The large thermal pool can accommodate up to 12 people seated, each section has a jet for the lower back and another for the region of the shoulder blades. A section with 2 jets. “A changing landscape … the snow and the cold, the leaves of the forest, the colors of October. Willingness to create a space with simple lines. Cedar, concrete and glass, all reflections and textures. Architecture, between trees and stones. A path, too. A course … a climb, sweet. Cross the rocks. What do we want? A space that calls for calm and whispers. A room where the fire, in the breath, heats the skin. Where the eye drifts along the stream. A space for shelter and warmth … But also, offer yourself to the wind! Getting wet! A basin, of course. Go down one step at a time, and melt quietly in the hot water. Close eyes. Breathe. Isabelle Gauthier, an architect at MUUK.

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