So, I tried Lipomassage, did it work?

There are so many quick fixes on how to lose weight, and to reduce body fat. If you’re like me, you’ve given them all a try. From coolscuplting to electromagnetic magnetic stimulation, here’s what  I have to say about lipomassage.

My first experience with lipomassage was a year ago. I found an amazing deal on Groupon for lipo-captivation and tried lipomassage for 20 minutes. I was so impressed, that I was ready to sign away $4,000 of my money to the esthetician.

I have struggled with my weight for the last four years after a severe panic attack that landed me on Zoloft, so I was vulnerable to anything to shed the pounds off. There was a hesitation though, and I stopped my sessions. Following that, I signed up to a more affordable program, allowing me more financial flexibility. Fast forward to this year, and voila! I’m back at it with lipomassage.

It’s time costly, but going to my three sessions a week proved very helpful in my weight loss goal. My pictures are not professional, so below you will find the credited photos related to the possibilities of lipomassage. As for me, I noticed there was a smoothing of the excess fat on top of my muscles, as well as reduction of body mass on my hips. The trick is though, depending on your body type, you HAVE to go to the gym right after your sessions to maximize your weight and body goals.

So my verdict: YES HONEY! After only 5 sessions, I saw and felt a huge difference. I can recommend a few places in Montreal, so email me, and I will send you my private list.


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