The last few months I’ve been chilling in Montreal and observing the Blogger scene compared to New York.

#MONTREALGOTSTYLE is an Instablog I started following while in New York, and reached out to them to find out who’s #slaying the Montreal Blogging scene.

This is one of my most exciting collaborations in a long time! Y’all! follow  #MONTREALGOTSTYLE on IG.


1. Marcus Troy

One of the most influential bloggers from Montreal. He wrote for Complex, been featured on GQ, interviewed by Forbes and Mtv . His content goes from technology, fashion and traveling. He has worked with amazing brands such as Timbaland, Nike, Lacoste to name a few. 

2. Pete williams

IG: Pete Williams 

This blogger has a real talent for photography and a deep knowledge of the streetwear culture. He blogs about hip hop, streetwear and every important facet in fashion. He’s the Managing Editor at Highsnobiety, one of the most influential blogs in the streetwear culture. They have over 1 million followers accross the globe and their content is impressive.

3. ilikeIwear

A fantastic blogger who uses her charm and her taste for fashion to inspire others. Despite being beautiful and inspirational, she knows how to blend streetwear and class. 

4. Mytodayinspiration

Website: mytodayinspiration.com

This blog features unisex fashion globally. This team of bloggers is always up to date about the going ons in the world of fashion, and share pure and unadulterated inspiration with their audience. 

5. Cidthekicks

This blog is dedicated to the Sneaker World. But they also offer non sneaker related events Montreal. From fashion shows, events, galas and etc. This blog provides great information about hot releases, contests and what is popping around the city. Cid ,as a blogger, is for us one of the most influential sneakerhead in Montreal.

6. Babes in velvet

This blog was created by two women who invites their audience into their world, where fashion and beauty collides. They bring diversity in the styles they present and they offer good tips for any situation regardless of the season or the current trends.

7. Miro Laflaga

Miro represents the heart and the soul of the hard working stylists around the city. He’s changing the game in his own way through his perception of fashion. His style and his presentation are unique and he’s been very active in every social media on youtube, to facebook and instagram.

8. Equality Crown

IG: @eqcr

Fashion icons that set the fashion bars at higher levels. Equality Crown is the fashion crew you need to know about. Their photoshoots are special and their orignality is off the hook. They have a sharp eye when it comes to trends and they work closely with some of the most talented photographers in the city.

9. Fley blog

Website: http://fley.vuvision.com/

Fley blog features two fashion lovers who let their audience discover new things in terms of trends, sneakers and music. They are totally immerse in Montreal’s underground scene and this is why they are able to provide great content that regular blogs can’t. They ain’t scared to support what is local at all and they use photography to make their statement.

10. Stylishmensociety

A blog invented by two fashion lovers and they present fashion in an artistic way. What caught our eye is the quality of their photoshoot concepts such as ”style history month” where they reinvented historical pictures in order to pay hommage to the black leaders in history. Their following isn’t impressive yet but you can easily tell that they’re on their way.

Written by: Slayedit New York 
Edited by: Petrona 

IG: Pete Williams
IG: @eqcr

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