Shop Love Nathalie: Defines Feminine Energy

Montreal’s Fashion Industry has gotten a well-needed boost from online clothing retailer:

Shop Love Nathalie.

The female body with it’s curves and different shapes is not always easily fitted and formatted. We’re all too familiar with post-shopping tailor appointments for the “taking in of the seams”. 

Shop Love Nathalie is for every woman with its curated 2016 ‘Spring Collection.

I had the opportunity to meet founder: Nathalie Pakbaz and I can tell you that this actress, business woman and innovator takes femininity to another level.

What to expect from Shop Love Nathalie this spring? 

Shop Love Nathalie 2 Shop Love Nathalie 3 Shop Love Nathalie 4 Shop Love Nathalie

Florals, defined patterns, A-lines and elegance.

Click link below to shop:

Love, Nathalie.

Written by: @petronajoseph_

Photo Credit: Nathalie Pakbaz

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