Shabbir : the Harvey Specter of Graphic Design visits Maison Cloakroom

Shabbir Chowdhury and Harvey Specter of the television show “Suits” have lots in common. Both are driven to success, signed deals with Tesla Motors, and have a passion for well-tailored suits and fine spirits.

A couple weeks ago, Anne Lachance, Montreal’s top tiered female barber invited Shabbir to Maison Cloakroom where he would experience their three in one shop.


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Maison Cloakroom is a one of a kind establishment located on de la Montagne Street, Montreal. The late nineteenth century building houses a high-end tailor shop that offers made-to-measure garments made in Japan, with an on-site barber shop offering a classic yet highly personal grooming and relaxation experience and a private speakeasy lounge” – Charles Costo

“Seen below is Anne Lachance explaining the process of the layered cut to Shabbir”.

In addition to the hair-styling, services for the modern man range from facials, hot towels treatments and exfoliating.

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So, who’s Shabbir Chowdhry? 

A Notable Award Nominee, co-owner of CHMPGN+Cie, owner of a thriving graphic design firm, philanthropist, mentor, and all round great guy. It took lots of hard work, perseverance, ups and downs, but all leading to his market dominance.

So what happened when Shabbir and Maison Cloakroom meet?

“Infused Elegance”


“Charles Costo Managing Partner of the Barber Shop is explaining the custom made suit and accessories process to Shabbir”

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“Speakeasy lounge at Maison Cloakroom” with secret door opened now to the public. With its award-winning bartending team, leave your ordinary cocktails at the door, and be prepared to enter a world of customized drinks that will delight your palette.

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Having met with the owners, some of the clients and discovering the speakeasy lounge, Shabbir has found a new lounging home in Montreal. From the reception, to the classic hair cut to the lounge, he described his experience as “flawless“.

Check out Maison Cloakroom at CHMPGN+Cie next Thursday:

For more information, contact Charles Costo at Maison Cloakroom (514) 284-9393

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