Selling Montreal: Follow the Lives of Six Afro-Canadian Women in Real Estate

We have all indulged in real estate shows on the outside looking in, experiencing the industry in large cities around North America, and now we can finally binge on the real estate industry in Montreal.

Selling Montreal premieres on Youtube, following the lives of six Afro-Canadian women all at different stages of their careers who share a common desire: to build their fortune in real estate. From one episode to the next, the series provides an overview of everything that encompasses the real estate universe in Quebec with the help of guest experts, tips, and advice.

The series closely chronicles the ups and downs of real estate transactions and the lifestyle of women entrepreneurs who juggle family responsibilities, work, and their daily clients. A veritable backdoor to access the intimate life of brokers, the series paints a sincere image of the reality of the profession.

Through trial and error, we follow strong-willed women who have built their careers from very little or nothing. The goal is to authentically shed light on real estate agents’ trials and tribulations while addressing the perspective of young black women in a predominantly white male field.

In recent years, real estate has become a hot topic, and misinformation about the field has increased. Viewers will also be able to learn the facts surrounding real estate transactions and what it takes to be a real estate agent. This series aims to make a more realistic representation of entrepreneurship. Viewers will also be entertained by the colorful personalities on the screen, their interactions with each other, the various business ventures they encounter as well as the obstacles they face on a daily basis. they have to face on a daily basis.

Click to view the first episode on September 5th of Selling Montreal.


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