My Magical Staycation at Sea Cliff Eco-Cottages in Dominica

While in Montreal, I looked through Instagram to find a place where I could write my next book. I followed the hashtags #dominica and #embracedominica religiously and after a few weeks of searching, I decided to reach out to Sea Cliff Eco-Cottages to inquire about a week’s staycation. Within a day or two, my stay was booked and confirmed.

Once I arrived in Dominica, I messaged Simon, one of the owners to let him know that I looked forward to my stay. It was at that very moment, I started asking more questions about the amenities, the area, and the location itself. After all, I had never been to Dominica and planned to be at Sea Cliff Eco-Cottages all by myself.

So the day of my stay arrived and a taxi cab picked me up in Roseau to bring me to Calibishie. Steve, the taxi cab driver – also the brother of my brother-in-law was perfect. He drove through the mountainous roads with a smooth confidence that put me at ease. As we drove through the Central Forest Reserve and closer to the resort – I started to panic…” oh my goodness, I will be all alone”.

Once we arrived, I was greeted by Amber, Simon’s wife, and co-owner, and shown my cottage. Steve took off, and it was me, myself, and I (Maggie was also with me but in recovery from her mammary tumor removal surgery). I was excited and nervous at the same time. Amber opened the studio cottage and I was in awe, it was impeccable with a million-dollar view, the sea breeze was intoxicating, and there was this sense of coziness that I felt right away. My trepidation about being alone faded away immediately.

As I settled in, the first thought that came to mind was….time to work. Time to write my book, write my articles to pitch to magazines, and time to get down to business. Day one passed, day two passed, day three passed, and by day four I understood that my purpose at the resort was not to work – but instead it was to re-connect with myself. I have been so busy for most of the year, always on the go and always with others. I knew I needed to spend some time alone but did not realize that the time had come.

There were moments that I experienced at Sea Cliff Eco-Cottages that I would never be able to describe to anyone else. It was like I was on a journey with the Universe. Looking over into the sea, I cried, I danced and communed with mother nature. I never had the chance to ever commune with the breeze, the trees, the butterflies, and the ocean. Even as I write this article, I feel so much magic entering the cottage disguised as sea breeze.

I can only describe my time at Sea Cliff Eco-Cottages as magical. Did I start writing my book? No. Did pitch all the travel editors I set out to contact? No. But I gained far more, I gained love. I gained knowledge of a magical place on earth. And I gained new friends, Simon and Amber, and their lovely children.

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