Salon International de la Mariée Divine: Montreal January 23rd – 24th

Here comes the bride…so you’re getting married! Well, congratulations! You’ve got the love of your life, the ring, and a beautiful future. Now it’s time to get busy with the details.

You’ll need your wedding dress, bridesmaid gowns, tuxedos, wedding bands, and I’m just getting started…what about your bridal registry, who’s going to do your makeup?

Where does your partner want to take you on your honeymoon?

Salon International de la Mariée Divine: Divine Bridal is Montreal’s only multicultural platform for  a wide range of ethnicities and culture. In only it’s second year, Director of the show Fabienne Sylvestre, has been able to attract and array of local vendors within the wedding industry – who are looking forward to cater to different communities and marital traditions.

Personally, I’ve been to a large number of Wedding Showcases in both Montreal and New York, and I’m definitely looking forward to walking the floor to see what Montreal’s local vendors have to offer for my future multicultural wedding!

List of Vendors:

Academie SLA
Coco Events
Creations Ordiva
Cupcake & cake design
Da Novias boutique
DG photobooth
Diva Location
Dj Dayze
Doux Mirage design
Événements Momento
First Class Pictures
Group PMG – La Plaza Centre-ville
Indian Summer
Industrielle alliance
Jean Terry Photographe
Joly Fêtes
JOSIE LO PRESTI for Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry
Kathy Z wedding
Knl Production
La Grâce des Fleurs
La Petite Robe Noire
Les événements Victorya
Les parfums Joseph
Les produits Younique
Mangues Delices
Marimage Photographie
Mary Kay
Mé gateaux
Natalka Celebrations
Patrick Nichols Photographe
Prestige Entertainz
Rc graphisme
Royal Evenements
Sole Danse Traditionnelle
Spa Diva
Station Beauté
Studio Bella Rose
Sucre en délire
Traiteurs Élégance
The Band
TJ Events
Vala Bella
Wanda Malfara
Wishing dance
Zoom Academie

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