PurLux Montreal Greets Clients to a Brand New Luxurious Space in St. Henri Montreal

The last 18 months have been tough for entrepreneurs and businesses alike, with non-essential businesses hit the hardest of them all. But we can all agree that self-care is indeed essential, hence the reason why salons were flooded with appointments as soon as the government gave the green light. But the 18 months was not time lost, some businesses took the opportunity re-invent themselves, with PurLux Montreal stunning us all with its’ brand new, revamped, and luxurious space.


Services now offered at PurLux Montreal range from body care, specifically with a very hot ticketed body sculpting machine called Slimwave. The technology not only sculpts the body to its natural contoured lines but also drains the lymphatic system, thus promoting maximum health and removing toxins.

Another service offered is a unique facial with Thalgo products, now you guys know that I am all about a good facial and love to try new skincare products. My 45- minute facial was sublime and very special as it almost had an energy-removing component towards the end.

Thalgo, also now offered at LurLux Montreal, is a luxury skincare line with origins in France and is available throughout Quebec. Had so much fun chatting skincare with their representatives, and what fascinates me the most about Thalgo, is that all of the products are marine-based. If you ask me I’d love to see Thalgo in my Christmas stockings this year!

Congratulations PurLux Montreal, I will be back for my Slimwave treatments and another facial!


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