Propulsion Sport Offers Corporations a Full Service Fitness Program Promoting Health and Wellness for Employees

When we think about employee Fitness Programs, we think of all the hassle it comes with when dealing with HR. As a matter of fact, most employees do not know how to use their fitness credit, thus leaving it untouched. While statistics show that employee stress levels are rising higher and higher due to the pandemic, and employers are looking to maintain productivity, and raise morale with companies like Propulsion Sport, offering a full turnkey, manageable and accessible program for employees.

Here’s what co-owner Azaria had to say about the full service offered by Propulsion Sport.

Petrona: We normally hear of employers giving a fitness benefit to employees by way of credit. You, on the other hand, offer a full service to employers, which is a turnkey service allowing them to offer fitness in a unique way to their employees. I looked through your website, and I am so impressed. Can you tell me how you came up with this idea?

Azaria: Propulsion sport is the fruition of an idea. To help people move on a daily basis. Our sedentary lifestyle has brought us great benefits but also, on the contrary, a lot of bad habits and with different health issues. As full-time workers, we don’t always have the time or motivation to integrate physical activities into our schedules, that how Propulsion came into reality. Our main goal is to help employers and their employees. Propulsion allows employers to offer a wide range of health and fitness services to their employees.

Petrona: What was your greatest company accomplishment during the last three years? In other words, when starting a new business, entrepreneurs go through highs and lows when taking on a new endeavor. What was your greatest high when you decided to embark on this new adventure?

Azaria: Propulsion is a relatively young company, but we have been able to establish ourselves quickly. It’s proven that active employees are more productive and are less at risk of injuries or health problems and employers are aware of it. We’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest head offices in the city of Québec in the past few years and our objective is to keep expanding our services to small and big businesses and organizations. Having people who were inactive to move, getting groups of employees to participate in great team building activities and
receiving positive feedbacks from employers is what motivates our team at Propulsion.

Petrona: Now the reverse, what was your greatest low?

Azaria: The pandemic has taken a toll on a big part of our activities because they were in-person services, but we quickly oriented them online. Having to make major moves during uncertain times can be stressful. Our business model is flexible, so we were able to adapt rapidly.

Petrona: Please summarize your company’s offerings and the benefits of your service?

We offer a variety of health and fitness services, from online group training to tailored services like nutrition services and gym facilities installations. We also ease up the process for the employers who have the health of their employees as one of their priorities by helping them obtain subventions to set up durable health programs for their staff. We are in the process of implementing our own Web and mobile application that will allow us to optimize our services with a complete platform. It can be a challenge for the head of HR of a big company to find something that will meet the need and preferences of a large group of employees, for example. Propulsion solves this problem.

Petrona: What is the one piece of advice you would give an entrepreneur starting out with a new venture?

Azaria: There’s a lot of advice that can be given, but I’d say, focus on one field, master it, and after you can diversify. More often we want to do a lot so we split our focus on different things which can be counterproductive at some point.

For more information on the services provided by Propulsion Sport, click here.

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