The Premium Outlet Montreal Shopping Challenge

A day well spent, is a day shopping. For most, the objective is always to get more for less, without sacrificing quality. Yesterday, Slayedit New York met the challenge put forth by Premium Outlet Montreal – the goal was to create a summer look with $150.

My Look Challenge:

Montreal: “décontracté” 

New York “chill-lax”


1. White canavas keds
2. Oversized white tee
3. Black dual ripped jeans


At 9:54 am, I was outside the Famous Footwear store ready to look for my first item: white canavas keds. By 9:10 am, I was at the cash machine, white canavas keds in hand.

 The next item was a black ripped jeans or an over-sized white tee. As soon as I walked into Diesel, I asked Anthony (salesperson): “Hey! do you have black ripped jeans?” – surprised by his willingness to help me, I followed him through the store as he looked for my size. With no avail, I did however find the perfect over-sized tee. By 10:30 am, I had two of the three items of my challenge but

Couldn’t find the right pair of ripped black jeans.

With a budget left of $36.00, Michael Kors got the best of me…

So here’s the skinny:

$52.88 (keds)

27.36 (Diesel)

33.34 (Michael Kors)

(gift for subscriber) 

Balance: $5.00 

My overall shopping experience at Premium Outlet Montreal was a 4.7/5.0.

Customer Service was impeccable, lots of smiling staff & fantastic deals.

Location is perfect, only 20 minutes from downtown.



19001 Chemin Notre Dame, Suite 231
Mirabel, Quebec J7J-0T1
(450) 710-1750

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