Order the Gift of: Celebrity Chef Leeds this Holiday Season

I’ve heard the name: Chef Leeds in so many circles in Montreal. At every high society event…there it was….her name: Chef Leeds.

In my commute from Montreal to New York, I never had the chance to meet her until last Friday at La Maison Haiti’s Youth Conference. 
When I saw the event announcement, I knew I had to go meet her. 
To my astonishment, Cheef Leeds was quite the character and did not tolerate any non-sense from the young participants. She lived up to my high expectation and we bonded instantly. 
Apart from being on the top of some of Montreal’s elite, Cheef Leeds (Marie Leeds St Fleur) also caters to intermediate groups; example: small businesses or family events. 

Surprisingly, she works with all budgets. Her service comes with the whole package, including waiters and waitresses. 
If you don’t want to go through the hassle of cooking this holiday season, give yourself & your family the gift of her catering services. 
Heavily endorsed by Montrealers of all ethnic backgrounds, Chef Leeds will knock your socks off with her skilled mélange of flavours that are sure to ignite your taste buds. 

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