Noemie Lacerte: Quebec’s Famous Youtuber wins at Numix Awards

When Noemie Lacerte won a Numix Award at this year’s Numix Gala, I became aware of a thriving Youtube industry here in Quebec, to which I was pleasantly surprised.

But it was only until this morning, almost three months after meeting her, that I was able to really get a chance to listen to Noemie’s Youtube videos.

With over 70k subcribers, her Youtube views average over 50k in views. Surprisingly, her niche is: “self-esteem”.

So what does this famous Youtuber have to say about “self-esteem” that would land her a Numix Award and a throng of followers?


Listen to her message to her future daughter and see for yourselves!

Dear future daughter by Noemie Lacerte 

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