Niapsou – A Name, A Revolution, A Daring Designer & UNIFORM

In May, I got a call from inviting me to a “Fashion Show”. It’s rare that I show up to last minute shows, but I could feel something different about this one. I showed up at Espace Mushagalusa, a cultural venue in Montreal. I sat, looked at the name list of the front seaters, and waited.

Wasn’t sure what I was waiting for, because I had never heard of Niapsou but, being a New Yorker, I can sense he was a genius soul with a presentation called A-H 16: UNIFORM.

The first model came out and I was like….”Okay, this is cool“. The second model came out, and I was like….”wait a minute, I know her…that’s Gladys…a Super Model“. Then I saw Sassy walk down the runaway, by that time, I was hooked.

I tried to contain my composure as the scene developed into a frenzy of intricate designs, movement and dance, but “ohhh” I bubbled inside. The crowd went crazy while the models took formation on the center stage.

Cover Nia

Now, fast forward to Festival Mode et Design 2016, and one of the names I keep hearing is: Niapsou. Am I going to see his collection at New York Fashion Week? I would say the chances are 99.5%.

UNIFORM by Niapsou Design

 Niapou 1 Nia 10 Nia 8  Nia 7 Nia 6 Nia 5 Nia 4 Nia 3 Nia 2

TEAM Photographer: Emvdeit Stylist: Henri Abraham Assistant Stylist: Dan Quiroz Make Up & Hair: Gen Mass Models: Tiffeny Moreira & Rémi Van Bochove Accessories: Niapsou Design Shoes: ALDO

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Source: Niapsou F/W 16 Lookbook

Photo Source: Sachin Photography

Photo Source: Niapsou F/W 16 Lookbook


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