Neya Couture was in the headlines of Toronto Fashion Week! Our Fashion correspondent Rashi Bindra had the chance to chat with Neya, and and what keeps her fueled in the Fashion Industry.

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Fashion has always been a part of me. I’ve  had a desire to pursue fashion since I was very young.  I was interested in every kind of creative pursuit, but wasn’t able to pursue my dream for quite some time.

My next step will be continuing to create designs and timeless pieces that every woman can keep in their wardrobe. Each step is a huge learning process and I’m grateful for each and every one that has supported my throughout this journey. I just want to keep growing. It brings joy to my soul when I create pieces. I love to be able to share this inspiration and joy with other women who wear my pieces.


Each piece in my collection is unique on its own whether it is inspiration from my mother, my past, my travels, or from nature and this is what makes my pieces different. Paying attention to detail is what makes these pieces unique and different. I’m always using and looking for high quality fabrics that are hand embellished and have layers of volume and flow.

My mother plays a huge role in my inspiration for my work. She has always had a beautiful feminine wardrobe and she made sure I did too. She loved rare and elegant furnishings, and our home growing up looked like something out of a luxury interior design magazine. This is how I was influenced to design couture. I was intrigued by the idea to be able to design exclusive high end, custom made clothing for women that were solely my own.

Expressing my self through design has been quite rewarding. It’s challenging to translate your sketches into real pieces but in the end it’s tremendously fulfilling.


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Neya Couture

Video by: Richard Emmanuel

Written by: Rashi Bindra of @pearlsandsequence

Photo Sources:

 Stacey Newman Photographer & Writer


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