New York’s Speakeasy: Underbar

On a recent trip to New York my crew and I had the privilege of sampling one of New York’s latest hotpots: Underbar, located on 280 1/2 West 115th St. New York 10026.

Once we arrived, we were guided by the Manager to the secret entrance only visible by a door with a gold door knocker, and surprise: we accessed the secret code.

The atmosphere was more that we anticipated. Around 10:00 pm, the place was jam packed with banging music so good that all seven of our crew stayed on our feet.

If you’re in New York tonight and looking for a different lounge/club experience with sophistication, Under Bar is the place to be!

Email: for reservations!

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 Written by: @petronajoseph_

Photos Credit: @yousurf_prod

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