Celebrating Montreal Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Influencers: Marilene Tentomas

Today’s feature is a pioneer in the body contouring industry, Marilene Tentomas, founder of Slimwave Technologies and NuBody Medica. With over eleven years of discovering non-surgical proceedures to help men and women accross Canada, Slimwave Technologies and NuBody Medica is now a celebrated in the United-States. We should all be proud of this self-made woman, home-grown, right here from Montreal.

Here’s Marilene’s story.

Petrona: What is your official title?

Marilene: I am the owner and founder of Slimwave Technologies and co-founder of NuBody Medica.

Petrona: What is your greatest passion?

Marilene: I am deeply passionate about health and wellness, that in 2011, I founded Slimwave; a very effective treatment in body sculpting and inch loss. I traveled to Europe hoping to discover new trends for non-surgical weight loss procedures. I noticed that “going under the knife” (invasive procedures) was gaining popularity, and it fueled my desire to find technologies that were easily accessible, non-invasive, safe, and delivered results. I am deeply passionate about my business ventures and companies. I realized that I found a purpose in this venture.

Petrona: What is the message you wish to convey to the world?

Marilene: My message is less about “doing” and more about “being”. The person I am today is a true testament to my beliefs. I believe in treating others kindly and fairly. I also believe my success is not my own, but a community of women who have supported my ideas and dreams.

My most important message would be to be kind to one another, and it begins with first being kind to ourselves. We as women are so hard on ourselves and set unrealistic expectations. It’s time we let that go and learn to be gentler and more accepting. I believe in self-improvement, not perfection.

Petrona: Describe your business, service, or mission.

Marilene: My mission is about creating a system to allow other wellness entrepreneurs to facilitate their own wellness clinics. I help businesses from the ground up and teach health, beauty, and fitness professionals my success strategies. I like to think that we help build self-confidence with Slimwave and CelluSkin by improving areas that individuals are sensitive or insecure about, and allowing them to release that insecurity with every session, and each treatment protocol.

Petrona: What is your biggest quirk?

Marilene: I dance when I eat stuff that I like! I love tasty food! lol!

Petrona:  What is your biggest business challenge?

Marilene: My biggest challenge is what every entrepreneur would say, it is finding balance. Building a business, brand & team takes a big portion of my time, that learning to keep a balance is a struggle. Before the pandemic, I would often complain about working late hours, I would put my daughter to bed, and go back to my office. Since Covid, I remind myself how lucky I am to be working and be doing something I love, and have stopped complaining about the hours since I consider myself fortunate to run a business successfully during uncertain times.

Petrona: What’s next for your business or for you?

Marilene: Body contouring is my passion and I am looking into bringing new non-invasive technologies to facial sculpting. For me, I need to take time for myself more; as a mother, wife, and entrepreneur. Therefore, this is my new commitment to myself, slowing down and listening to my needs.

Petrona: What advice would you give to someone reading this?

Marilene: What has helped me in building a business, is staying true to myself, even though the challenges we face by owning a business. I believe in working ethically and without bad-mouthing or stepping on others to get to where you want to be. Staying true to your values, your convictions, and work ethic will help you go very far.  Being a business owner is about learning, and being patient with ourselves.

Petrona: What is your favourite quote?

“The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but on significance- and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning.” – Oprah


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