Maison Haiti’s “Juste Pour Elles” Femmes en Action Conference

Juste Pour Elles participant potsts: “I would like to become a Fashion Designer & work for Vickie Joseph

One of the greatest feats in this modern era is building the self-esteem of young girls. As a mentor, I’ve worked with young women with such misaligned self-esteem, they could not seem to get ahead. One of the solutions would have been to start mentoring them at a younger age.

That’s exactly what Juste Pour Elles accomplished at last Friday’s: Femmes En Action Conference.

The room was packed as young girls were on their fall break. The lineup of Speakers included:

Marly Pericles: President of the Commission de la Droit de la Jeunesse, Valerie Micaela Bain: Radio Canada Reporter, Emeraude Michel: Political Attaché of St Michel’s Frantz Benjamin, Gallery owner and Fashion Designer, Chef Leeds (Marie Leeds St. Fleur): Celebrity Chef and Personal Chef, Vickie Joseph: Fashion Designer and Business Mogul, and the women of the St. Michel Fire Station.

Marly Pericles
Valerie Micaela Bain
Emeraude Michel
Chef Leeds
Vickie Joseph

The multidisciplinary panel gave the girls a synopsis of their day-to-day jobs and the road they took to get there.

The impression and effects on the girls was astronomical. By the end of the conference, their eyes gleamed and hope deposited in their spirits.

Lunch was one of the highlights of the Conference. The girls were treated like Royality with a gastronomic serving of pumpkin squash and glazed roasted chicken, topped with dessert-filled crepes served by Chef Leeds.

The culmination of the conference proved successful with a clear message:



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