“Les frontières du Ciel” – Vues d’Afrique Movie Review

Les frontieres du ciel” debuted Sunday at the Cinematheque Quebecoise inaugurating the 32nd festival Vues d’Afrique. Backed by the Tunisian Consulate, the room was filled with dignitaries from the Tunisian community, namely the Canada Tunisian Ambassador and Fares Naanaa, the director of Les frontières du Ciel

Les Frontières du Ciel Review

The film can be described as two in one. Polarity is the best word to describe the scenes as we moved back and forth from the present to the past, modern Tunisia to rural Tunisia, and joy to sadness.

Every scene is filled with suspense. Without completely understanding the source of Sami (Lotfi Abedelli) and Sara’s (Anissa Daoud) hardship, the story unfolds through the eyes of both protagonists, and through their perspectives, we get to go deep within our own emotions and face our own reality of everyday life.

Les Frontières du Ciel keeps us guessing until the closing scene

We are also transported in time to Tunsia as we are enthralled by the film. The scenery, traditions and customs could be experienced through family relationships, fraternal relationships, life and death.


The film pulls on our heartstrings and touches the very core of our humanness. Hardships are apart of life, and Les Frontières du Ciel helps us question our own reality and whether or not we would be able to withstand unexpected tragedies in our own lives.


This film recounts an ordinary couple’s hellish descent into misery at the fault of society, their own guilt, and death. Sami and Sarah, both Tunisian, have been married for 10 years; she is pregnant and he is an architect. They live a seemingly happy and peaceful life until they are confronted by an unexpected struggle.

Duration: 83 minutes
Country : Tunisia
Year : 2015
Director : Fares Naanaa
Screenwriter : Fares Naanaa, Nadia Khammari
Cinematographer : Sofian El Fani
Screening: Azza Chaabouni, Pascale Chavance
Sound:Moncef Taleb
Actors: Anissa Daoud, Lotfi Abdelli

Subtitles: French

Review by: @petronajoseph_




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