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With the wedding and prom season approaching, we all need that special dress! Actually forget special, we need that dress that will “freeze-frame” the whole room when we walk in. If you’re like me, and don’t have lots of time for boutique hopping, where do you find that perfect dress? Venture to La Crème de la Crème Boutique.

With the many new options on the market, Laval’s La Crème de la Crème Boutique stands out with it’s selection for petite to medium sizes, sequences, A-lines and exclusive brands – all to highlight a woman’s silhouette, curves and beauty.

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I had the chance to experience their pop-up boutique on April 21st, and was impressed by their cultivated lineup of dresses. I was a bit hesitant to “try-on” between movie screenings and writing assignments, but after a second look at sparkles on the dresses, I lost myself in the glamour.

So what’s the upside of La Crème de la Crème Boutique?

Owned by two sisters: Christina and Valerie Pastras, La Crème de la Crème offers a four-tiered service: dress rental, dress purchase, accessories and luxury handbags on consignment. In addition, while shopping – coffee and champagne services are offered to you and your shopping party. There is an additional service on location that isn’t readily available at most boutiques: an on location seamstress for tailoring.


“We want your shopping experience to be relaxed, welcoming and successful,” says Christina Pastras, co-owner of the boutique with sister Valerie. “We offer personalized service to ensure you find just what you’re looking for”. 

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For more information on La Crème de la Crème Boutique, visit their website:
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