La Catrina is serving up the Ultimate Weekend Platter for the Whole Family

It’s common practice to congregate with our friends on the weekend and try new restaurants. For some, this common practice not only alleviates the stress from having to decide what to cook on the weekends but it’s also a way to socialize with our friends and loved ones.┬áBut we all heard the news yesterday, and Montreal restaurants remain close for dining, giving way to a new weekend tradition of ordering out.

Personally, I have been ordering the same things from restaurants I am familiar with, but tonight I ordered from La Catrina in the Mile-End, and what a feast! Starting this weekend, make it a family tradition with their Weekend Platter for four people.

On the Weekend Platter Menu:

-Queso fundido
-Esquites & Brisket
-Rice and beans
– 3 tacos Fried Chicken
– 3 tacos Pastor
– 3 tacos Cochinita Pibil
– 3 tacos Grilled Fish
And if you’re two and wanting to cozy up to watch Holiday movies on the weekends, you can order the box for two:
1 choice of protein

-Al pastor
-Grilled fish
-Fried chicken
-Beef brisket
-Beef bavette

served with :
-Guacamole and tortillas chips
-Rice & beans
-8 tortillas
Thank you La Catrina for creating a new tradition for us Montrealers!

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