The Kanye West Phenomenon – Day 1 of New York Fashion Week

The Yeezy Season 4 collection, held at Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island is all anyone can talk about after day one of #NYFW. Should we have expected more, or less from Kanye West? After all, he is a self-proclaimed genius whose grandeur surpasses none other than – himself. So why all the fuss?


Here’s why! His family has combined wealth of close a billion. His latest album is downloaded in almost every smartphone throughout the world. So why the fuss again?


Only days before his collection was revealed, social media buzzed with talks of his model casting. We were all hoping that his “multiracial only” requirements was only skewed propaganda, which in turn, it was.  Melanin skin of every shade was seen on the runway. This Yeezy Collection 4, was nothing short of spectacular. It’s unfortunate that his critics haven’t considered the possibility that the madness in his creation is art, and just that. A sort of “read between the lines” kind of fashion show. Four Freedoms Park says it all. So, stop the murmuring and ease into the Kanye West “freedom of expression” Phenomenon.


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Cover Photo: Leanne Italie/Associated Press (New York Times)

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