Jack Saloon Dix30 Celebrates its’ Seven Year Anniversary with Western-Themed Renovations

A new and exciting chapter is on the horizon for Jack Saloon DIX30. Known for being the most popular restaurant in Quebec, it’s anticipated seven-year anniversary will be celebrated on September 24th!

A few weeks ago, Jack Saloon Dix30 started renovations since its’ door first opened in 2013. With decor inspired by the West American culture, the interior is famous for its’ raw material-like barn wood and metal. However, without denaturing its’ original concept, the newly renovations has a more feminine touch with red hues, asserts head interior designer Stéphanie Bélanger, head of Rebel Designs.

Without disorienting its’ regular patrons, the Wild West theme will remain at the core of Jack Saloon Dix30. There will also be the introduction of a new menu and the new cocktails, all to celebrate its’ seven-year anniversary.

On your next visit to Dix30, visit Jack Saloon Dix30 and make it a night out with your friends and loved ones.


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