Montreal Popstar Thom Polychuck Releases a New Song, Giving Hope Amidst the Pandemic

Our world climate is bleek more than ever. We have never witnessed anything like this before, giving way to hopelessness and high depression rates. However, it can also be seen as a time to resource, and live through the uncomfortable feelings of facing ourselves. In his new song, Thom Polychuck digs deep and allows us to emerge with him, with hope, love, and faith. Here are Thom’s words:

Petrona: What is the name of your new song:

Thom: The name of my new song is called “In the Dark“. I can be seen as an introspective yet uplifting modern rock song. It deals with the topic of building resilience and defying ambiguity. On top of a dark, groovy atmosphere, I used grim thoughts as a springboard toward positive actions and self-expression.

Petrona: What have you been doing since the release of your last album?

Thom: I feel like I’ve grown immensely as an artist since the beginning of my career. Coming from a more country background which, people can still hear in my songs, I am now mixing different genres and creating my own atmosphere and musical identity. I’ve been focusing a lot on my favorite instrument: the electric guitar and experimenting with synthesizers and hip-hop drums. I still have the same band and we’ve been playing lots of shows. I even did an outdoor concert (socially distanced) in the summer. Stay tuned because there’s plenty of new material to come!

Petrona: Where can we stream your new song?

Thom: All my music can be found on any streaming platform. Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc and there are music videos on YouTube. There’s a lot of content on my Instagram and I even started my own Tik Tok channel focusing mainly on guitar.

To listen to Thom’s new single, click: “In the Dark“.

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