#IAMFASHION2016: Montreal’s Fashion Event Aiming at Diversity

Before hitting the streets of New York for #NYFW, I wanted to touch base with the Producer of the upcoming Montreal Fashion Show #IAMFASHION2016: “Sean Mohtorious” globally acclaimed DJ. We  had a chat where I asked him some crucial questions pertaining to the Montreal Fashion scene. Read it below:

Sean Mon

Q1: Why have you decided to put on #iamfashion2016 in a city that has fashion shows every month, and the market is so saturated.

Sean: As you can see, it also pushes and promotes the market. It’s more than a show. It’s a movement.

Q2: I feel your movement, that’s why I endorsed your model casting and urged some of the models I’ve worked with to support. But, what’s the philosophy behind the #iamfashion2016 movement?

Sean: Since 2008 mixing melody & arts, I Am Fashion while giving the opportunity to the everyday person, with the “modeling” dream or ambition to have their first experience of amplify their portfolio, is a nightlife platform showcasing local designers, brands, connecting people to business and business to people. I Am Fashion exists for the community, to give a stage to talents and future talents to express themselves. It’s also a way for models to realize that everlasting dream of being part of a runway even though they may not fit what they call “standards” of the industry while promoting a local brand or business.

“I Think I can model too, have you ever say that yourself? Well I am Fashion has been created for you.”

We could even say  that #IamFashion is the first event to ever give the chance to a everyday person to access to that dream , to that stage and scream to the world that they exist and can model too even though they don’t fit the standards of the industry.

Q3: Sean, I have to ask, is this a paid gig?

Sean: Professionals models already moving a lot are not who we are targeting. They are living the life and the dream already. We want to provide that first experience. Or that push to expose a talent that needs more exposure. And yes #IamFashion has a system of remuneration which allows the aspiring models to benefit of a full platform endorsed by experienced people alongside professionals, while making some money yes when in reality to access all of this they would be the one who would have to pay for it in another world or city. Our mission is clear and we love what we do, ask about us.

Q4: How is this show changing the fashion game in Montreal?

Sean: I wouldn’t be the one to judge if this show is the one changing the game in Montreal. This is to you and to my ninjas the public, the community to give us the crown like they always did. Me I can tell you this: our vision isn’t about that supposed game. We focus on what matters. We are bout the people. About the experience. Loyal to our keywords, we have our mission and goals since day 1. Since 2008 . We evolved yes and will keep evolving the products, the platforms and the experience while providing the needs with love and passion for what some will call the “game” and this is the only context you can use that word really with us. Our youths and people needed a stage to express themselves, a stage to feel alive, a stage to say and scream like I said. That they exist. We were well placed with the tools to provide one, so we provided one. MAC sound crew was my first crew.

Q5: Do you personally know of any Montreal models making it without having to hold down a part time job on the side?

Sean: hmm well I know some models doing their very best to be independent financially and live from their arts and talents. Some do well from what I see. But I’m not into their finance that much.  I don’t know what’s behind the door. On the real side what I can tell you since you used that word, the game is: The game no matter the game you want to play in. The game is easy to access at first and generates ambitions and dreams. But if u want to level to that game then you need the grind. The Grind is a complicated person… The Grind is hungry and you cannot cheat The Grind.

Written by: @petronajoseph_

Photo Credit: Sean Mohtorious 

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