Hypnosis session with Atena Sadegh…was I hypnotized?

If you have followed my story about my anxiety disorder, you would know that I started seeing a hypnotherapist. Full disclosure, I started seeing a hypnotherapist last year, after being on a waiting list. But after three sessions, the therapist I consulted had a death in her family, and we paused our sessions, never to restart again…and if you read my blogs, you would know that I believe in law of attraction, thus letting that hypnotherapist go, until a certified hypnotist came into my vortex.

I met, and learned about Atena Sadegh from a Facebook group called: Bossing Up. After a couple referrals, I decided to reach out, and not long after, we scheduled my first hypnosis session.


My hypnosis session with Atena 

Due to social distancing, we did the hypnosis session from my living-room. I sat on the couch and followed Atena’s instruction through zoom. I was never skeptical of the process, or Atena’s intentions, so I was fully open, and ready for whatever was to happen.

We started with some general background history of my childhood, and then we went back to the moment that created my extreme fear of driving over bridges. It is important to note that I had done some work with my previous hypnotherapist, so I could identify some key traumatic moments from my past.

As we moved further along the session, I felt myself healing, and saw myself in the future. It was a vision of both my inner child and my outer child.  I cannot tell you the moment that it happened, but there was a well of emotions that started pouring out, and my eyes were swollen with tears. Then it happened! There was a part of my soul that was healed. I didn’t feel any changes in body, during or after the session, however there was a change in my vision when I opened my eyes.

A couple weeks later after my session, I do feel somewhat different. I cannot explain it, but I do feel different.

For more information on Atena Sadegh, please visit her website: https://www.prettyhappyhabits.com/

*Disclaimer: this is real review, and not a paid ad.


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