Hollywood’s Benz Antoine Event Planner: Taïna Jecrois Changing the Planning Game

Caught up with Benz Antoine’s Event Planner: Taina Jecrois – in charge of Hush Events’ upcoming NYE party.

I’ve followed her career since introduced by Montreal stylist: @styledbyfarline. Love her innovation in the Event Planning game with her latest creation: Party in a Box.

Taina Jecrois is fierce and breathes fresh air in the Event Planning game. Check out my interview with her below:

Taina Jecrois Interview:

@petronajoseph_: How long have you been an event planner?

TJ: I’ve been planning events since I can remember. I started my company 8 years ago but 2013 is when the best happened.

@petronajoseph_: What made you take up Event Planning as a profession?

TJ: I love feeling emotions but most of all see the emotion on people’s face when they’re happy, surprised or excited!!!

Being an event planner was the best career choice for me for all the reasons above.
Creating these emotions but knowing that people trust me to create a moment in their lives.

@petronajoseph_: Are you a full-time event planner?

TJ: I’m a full time event planner with a full time job on the side and not the other way around.

@petronajoseph_: What can a customer expect from you?

TJ: I love this question!! My customer can expect to be given an amazing service, but that’s a given. Honestly I know my job and I love IT!! I’m ready to go the extra mile to make my clients, their family and friends happy. An event is more then just great ideas. You have to be ready for anything and always do it with a smile without anyone knowing

@petronajoseph_: How did you land a gig like Benz Antoine’s Hush?

TJ: I lived in Vancouver and would come back to Montreal for holidays. At one of his event, I went up to him and said: “One day, I will be your event planner!” He told me “Do you know how many people tell me that? And you don’t live here?!”
The first thing I did when i came back to Montreal was to show him a venue (La Scena) and this was my first event with him.

No one can stop you when you want to do something, but you better be ready to step up and bring something different. I had done my homework before I introduced myself, so I knew how to be different.

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Photo: Taïna Jecrois

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