Holiday Guide: Gift Ideas Supporting Local Montreal Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Before you make your Amazon holiday list, why not consider acquiring gifts from local Montreal businesses and Entrepreneurs? Whether you are curtailing your list, or decide to splurge on your loved ones, here are my suggestions.

This list also includes two charitable organizations, always remember that when it comes to giving, any amount goes a long way. The charitable organizations listed below are the United Nations Refugee Agency in Canada and Ariane’s Sparkle Canada, raising awareness for Autism.

Now, without further due, here is my list!



Vintage Frames: sunglasses from Vintage Frames are trending and loved by celebrities all over the world.

Aesthetic Packages:

Clinique LinDeva: local Montreal aesthetic clinique offering a range of services from facials to blood tests.

Luxe Beaute Clinic: Ottawas based aesthetic clinique offering services from threading to weight loss IV.


TAVA: art brought to you by Antoine Tava, including merchandise.

Done with Heart: art brought to you by Xavier Lalou and can be purchased online.

Lise Bousquet: art brought to you by Lise Bousquet and can be delivered to your loved one.

Stikki Peaches: art brought to you by Stikki Peaches, represented by Galerie LeRoyer.

Beauty Spa 

Nuva Beauty Spa: specializing in blowouts, henna and powder brows, balayage, and massages.


Bossing Up: written by Head of Marketing at Goalcast, Samantha Kris teaches us what it takes to step up our game by setting goals.


Bayard Gateaux: specializes in rum cake, cheesecakes, and a range of assortements.

Little Leah’s Kitchen: specializes in butter cake, with various carmelized inner layering.


Ariana’s Sparkle: proceeds from the sale goes to Ray of Light Canada, an organization raising awareness of Autism.

UNHCR Gifts: proceeds from this shop goes to aid refugees in need of assistance right here in Canada.

Christmas decor:

Pompon Decor: local Montreal based company providing hand-made decor for pick up or delivery.

Luluthia Designs: the preserved floral collection is the latest craze this holiday season.


Coach Sonia: Life and business coaching in Montreal. Coach Sonia brings her experience and skills to guide step by step to achieve your personal and professional goals. Give the gift of coaching to your loved one!

Culinary Chefs:

Chef Sean SNS: a range of holiday menus from the Caribbean to Vegan meals by Chef Sean.

Chef Takko: at home sushi table by Chef Takko.

Real City Eats: specialty meals by Chef Mackenny St. Leger.

Chef Tanya Jackson: at home catering by Chef Tanya Jackson.

Clothing for Children:

Deux par Deux: clothing for children, from local Montreal based retailer Deux par Deux.


Envee Beauty Lounge: newly opened beauty lounge specializing in facials and micro-needling.


Elie Fitness Trainer: International fitness trainer, Montreal based, offering virtual one-on-one training.

Slimwave Technologies: specializing in weight loss and lymphatic drainage, various locations around Montreal.


Alain Simon Fleurs: Montreal based florist based at the Ritz-Carlton, for pick up or delivery.


Monsillage: award-winning bespoke perfume company based in Montreal with “Eau de Celeri” as an award-winning scent.


Pascal Labelle’s: new collection for men and women is the most coveted outwear this holiday season.


Cep Studio: founded by Christina Esteban, offer the gift of a head shot or portrait photos to your loved one.

Montreal Maternity Photographer: founded by Candice Pantin, maternity shoots can make the perfect gift to an expectant mother.

Skin Care:

France Laure: pioneers in pharma-cosmetology, France Laure draws on natural riches to create products in perfect symbiosis with the skin. Products range from cellulite targeting to detoxing promoting weight loss.

Fillerina Lip Plump: Plump up the lips without injections. Size: 0.23 oz. 6 Hyaluronic Acid Molecules naturally re-hydrate the lips. A gradual increase in lip volume.

Shes Vanity Oil: luxurious face oils made from the most exclusive selection of botanical oils from around the world. All products are organic, vegan, and all-natural.


Hypnosis Sessions: with Atena from Pretty Happy Habits for mindset reset.

Centre Helight: specializes in red light therapy. The Helight Light is a portable at-home red light that helps your loved ones fall asleep faster and regenerates cells.

Temple Ka: specializes in holistic health care based on the Plateau of Montreal.

Doreen Naturopath: Reiki Master in the West Island serving the island of Montreal, please email me at for referrals.


Fine and Flux: custom designed and handcrafted jewelry made in Montreal, specializing in engagement rings.


Raymond Weil: these prestigious watches for men and women can be acquired locally through Creation  Paul H.

Rolex: can be purchased locally at Bijouterie Italienne, in Montreal’s Little Italy.


And there you have it, a comprehensive Holiday List!

So enjoy your holidays and happy shopping!


Cover photo: Yanissa Grand-Pere, RFM 

Closing photo: Yanissa Grand-Pere, RFM 


Photo Credits:

Coach Sonia: The Life Coach We All Need


The Book Club: Bossing Up Is Your New Go To Guide For Personal Growth (If You Didn’t Know)

*None of these items are endorsed, and no exchange of payment was made for anything represented on this list.

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