Fall Asleep Better with NASA backed Technology: Helight™ Sleep

Over the last two years, I have been an avid promoter of red light therapy. I can still remember how I felt after my first session at Helight Canada, the tension was completely released from my body, my mind was less heavy, and I was smiling. Later that day, I was 60% more productive and painted a beautiful art piece.

As time continued, visits to Helight Canada become weekly. No matter how busy I got, I always made time to get fifteen minutes of red light therapy, then came the pandemic. From March to September, my beloved spot was closed, but without hope that it would ever re-open, I got the call about the Helight Sleep, a game-changer, and life-saver.

Recent scientific discoveries demonstrate that red is the component of the natural light spectrum emitted by sunset that is most beneficial to falling asleep. So Helight Canada produced it.

The red light emitted by the Helight™ Sleep device is not just any light: it is precisely calibrated to reproduce the universal signal of falling asleep announcing the end of the active period of the day.

The Helight™ Sleep device provides light for falling asleep. It acts on specific receptors that have an action on alertness and concentration and do not disturb your retinal cells, nor the secretion of melatonin. On the contrary, we have designed it to help you regain your biological and natural rhythm. To fall asleep better, with ease.

Now, this amazing red light can be yours for only $119.99, and with my promo code SLAYED, you will be eligible for free shipping by December 15th, 2020. Don’t wait, get yours today!





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