Grand Prix’s Valerie Chaisson #27 Prodigy at the Porsche GT3 Cup Canada

Here’s why we’re so crazy for no. 27.

“She’s the first female to race in the Canadian Porsche GT3 Cup”.

While some women have traditional careers, Valerie is an exception amongst many, as a full time professional race car driver.

Montreals’ Grand Prix was the first time the professional driver competed on the Gilles-Villeneuve.

Chiasson finished No. 6 on Saturday and No. 8 on Sunday morning among the GT3 Cup Canada competitors”, a total of 40 – Montreal Gazette

Valerie C

With no preseason training in the GT3 nor the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit & she is amongst the top 10, which gives her prodigy status.

With a few more competitions to tackle, we’re proudly name Valerie Chaisson, one of Quebec’s Top 10 racers to watch.


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