Rebecca Perez Releases the 8th Issue of GOSS Magazine and it’s a Stellar Edition

The term ‘women supporting women’ is cliche to some, but when these words are backed by action, great things happen. This is the case with Rebecca Perez, who has a magic formula when it comes to bringing together and creating a platform for women to shine.

I had the pleasure to interview Rebecca, and here is what she has to say about the latest edition of GOSS magazine: So Rebecca, this is your 8th magazine edition correct?

Rebecca: Yes!! We’re a bit non-traditional at GOSS Magazine and Issues don’t necessarily come out in order of numbers. We have No.6 and No.7 coming out this spring but No.8 came out first because of its underlying theme and the movement behind “Manifest” which is very much a newsworthy topic of discussion at the moment.
Petrona: Why is this one so special?

Rebecca:  No.8 Manifest featuring cover girl Melanie Ann Layer is very special for it is the first of its kind. We took a leap of faith on this issue and went in a non-conservative way by having no ads and simply editorial stories. We wanted to attract a different clientele, as well as appeal to more women in these specific industries. We targeted the coaching industry, healers, business mentors, and really special types of businesswomen that make magic in their world. The risk was definitely worth the reward and put us on the map in a much grander scale with the right people.

Petrona: What did you learn the most during the last two years of lockdown?

Rebecca: WOW. So much has transformed for me in the last two years. I feel like I’m in a completely different mindset than when I was in full hustle mode back in 2019. On a personal note, I took a pause and decided to hone on my passions such as aviation and learning how to fly. In my professional life, my mentality on how business should operate has changed. I’ve learned how to make more money,  reach more women and do it from a place of pure feminine power. They say your business can only grow as much as you do and I truly believe that. I’ve done so much healing work with myself, and that growth I believe has transcended into my work and the energy of my brand. The biggest lesson to me was to surrender to the flow of life.

Petrona: What do you wish to leave to the world?

Rebecca: Something that I am extremely passionate about is the belief that we can save our world with the  Universal Language of love. Regardless of religion, ethnic background, gender formalities, we are all one and deeply connected at source. People need to sprinkle more love everywhere they go towards each other and towards themselves. I hope to bring this forward through my magazines,  my books, and all my creative works and also to let women know just now precious they are, how worthy they are and that they can achieve anything they desire. Leaving that with the next generation would make my heart very happy and full.

Petrona: When can we expect the 8th edition to be on newsstands?

Rebecca: Newsstands launch date is MONDAY! February 22, 2022. All over Quebec, Canada, and the US  everywhere, books are sold. The print edition can also be purchased on our website at

There you have it folks, grab your copy of the 8th edition of the GOSS magazine on newsstands today!

Photo Credit: Alvara M Foto

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