With 500 Million in Monthly Views Goalcast is Recruiting Montrealers to Change the World

I had the opportunity to sit with the Head of Marketing at Goalcast to discuss their online recruiting event this Friday at 11:30 AM. In this informative interview, Samatha Kris gave me the history of the company, along with their goal to expand their team by 50%. With more views than Marvel movies, here’s a chance for Montrealers to make their marks, while changing the world, one video at a time.


Petrona: Goalcast is known for telling empowering stories but what’s the story behind the brand?

Samantha: When the co-founders, Cyrus and Salim, created Goalcast in 2016, they were both disillusioned by the traditional academic system. Cyrus had suffered through years of low self-esteem and depression before discovering a psychological concept called the internal locus of control, the belief that you are responsible for your own success. This powerful mindset reset helped him turn his life around, and made him wonder why this sort of principle and tool was not taught in schools.

Meanwhile, Salim was a physics teacher, and he couldn’t bear the thought of putting students into a box and limiting the measure of their full potential to exams and grades. He and Cyrus came together to teach others how to succeed in the school of life. Every day, they face their deepest fears and stretch the limits of their comfort zone. They continuously challenge their beliefs and seek different perspectives. This is the mentality that has shaped Goalcast and fuels our team to change the world.

Petrona: When we hear Goalcast or see it online, we automatically think it is an American company, where was Goalcast founded?

Samantha: I thought the same thing! I was surprised to learn that it’s a Montreal based company and even more surprised to learn that it has grown its audience to over 32M and its viewership to over 500M each month in less than 5 years. Montrealers are fueling this powerful media machine and making a global impact, one video at a time.

Petrona: Why is it important to be recognized as a Canadian company?

Samantha: Until now, Hollywood has been the only way for creatives to ‘make it’. Incredible Canadian talent, from actors to producers, to scriptwriters, have felt the need to leave to find opportunities, to do meaningful work, and to get the exposure that will help their careers take off. Those days are over. Not only do our videos get more views than Marvel movies, but it also changes lives. We want to co-create exceptional content with exceptional people and we know they’re right in our backyard.

Petrona: How does Goalcast plan to expand over the next year?

Samantha: We recently announced our expansion into the production of original content which includes both short documentaries and short films. We’re also expanding into the Spanish market with the rollout of Goalcast Español and last but certainly not least, we’re expanding our team with plans to grow by 50% by the end of Q1.

Petrona: Goalcast is hosting a virtual recruitment event on Friday, November 27th, what can we expect?

Samantha: The event, Go Higher with Goalcast, is a great opportunity to get to know the company and the people behind the scenes. It will be split into two parts; in the first half, attendees will get to meet the founders and their vision for Goalcast, they will learn more about our culture and our collective mission. The second half is interactive; attendees will break out into smaller groups based on the roles that interest them and will have a chance to meet with Goalcast team members who can answer their questions and share what a day in the life of a Goalcaster looks like. I hope you’ll join us!


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Goalcast Head of Marketing

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