#Glowupwithsparks – Can’t Wait for the Second Edition

Last Sunday, women in Montreal congregated to Red Factory to learn how to apply makeup correctly with Sophia Guillaume. Known as Sparks, Sophia’s passion for makeup is now available as a workshop, and women are flocking to learn her beauty tricks.

Advantages of Makeup

According to Beauty Blogger “The Fashion Lady“, makeup helps create a favorable first impression. Research says that when you meet a new person, your first impression of them is made even before you speak to them. Which means that your first impression of a stranger is based solely on their appearance and body language. So makeup can help you make a good impression on that job interview or can even help you out when you are meeting with potential clients.

In addition, makeup helps boost your confidence. You can hide your flaws, cover up any shortcomings and create an illusion of flawless beauty. From covering dark circles to contouring your face for more definition, makeup can do wonders. And when you look your best, you feel confident and as if you take on the world. And if makeup helps you build such a positive outlook on life, then that is a major benefit.

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