#FP6MTL Day One: École Supérieur de mode de l’UQAM, Helmer Joseph, Leinad Beaudet & Naike

If you weren’t able to attend #FP6MTL last night, you missed an opening night where Fashion Editors, International Buyers, Fashion Bloggers, Journalists and Stylists came together to show solidarity for Quebec’s homegrown designers. Fashion Preview lived up to its mandate by putting emerging designers at the forefront and delivering the #slay. Here’s a short recap of a few of our favorite looks below:

École Supérieur de mode de l’UQAM

uqam-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3077 uqam-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3088 uqam-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3098  uqam-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3113 uqam-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3126 uqam-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3131

Helmer Joseph 

helmer-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3383 helmer-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3406 helmer-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3423 helmer-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3507 helmer-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3568 helmer-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3575

Leinad Beaudet

leinad-beaudet-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3632   leinad-beaudet-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3685 leinad-beaudet-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3812


naike-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-4013-copy  naike-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3959 naike-fp6-by-eldon-tarnowski-3939-copy

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Photo Credit: @egtphoto 

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