Montreal’s Fashion Preview 6 #SLAYEDIT

Let’s keep it real, Fashion is more than runway logistics, lights, and celebrities. Fashion is an industry employing millions around the world and generating billions internationally. Fashion is a business and Montreal is in desperate need of an organization that will create monumental precedence in a city with phenomenal talent.

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Fashion Preview in it’s sixth year consistently brings talent to the forefront. In the age of technology and Internet there is really no need for prominence in the actual room when most of the videos related to the show have already gone viral.

Let’s face it, if you’re from cities like New York or Toronto, where Fashion is encouraged on all spheres, you will feel comforted that Fashion Preview fills the void here in Montreal. Insta-Glam by Jason was a great addition to the show including Rosa from Styled by Farline who worked together behind the scenes creating an online buzz.


The FP6 team including President Emanuela Lolli, a non-Quebec native is contributing to the Fashion scene in ways deemed valuable. Fashion Preview saw uncharted market space and conquered it, not for vanity – but for the undiscovered models that gained visibility, the online influencers who found their voices through the show, the volunteers who learned the business side of the industry, and the designers who benefited from the show as a platform for marketing, experience and sales. In addition, the marketplace within Fashion Preview was an opportunity for local designers to generate sales for their brands thus generating monetary gain.


Having organized a series of Fashion Shows in Montreal and New York, we confirm that Fashion Preview lived up to its mandate by creating a profitable platform for designers. What more does a Fashion Show need than a runway anyway?

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List of Designers:

École Supérieur de mode de l’UQAM

Helmer Joseph

Leinad Beaudet


Cegep Marie-Victorin

Christian Chenail


Lovan M.

Yoga Jeans

Order Project



Claudette Floyd

List of Vendors at the Accessory Village:

Coton Mouton




Maison Bourdon

Fibres Collectives

Karma Athletics ainsi que

l’Institut d’excellence de mode contemporaine

Click here for photos of the three days of Fashion Preview.

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Photos by Eldon Tarnowski, Photography

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