FMD ’16 Robes de Papier? Check out which Designers were on center stage last night

We all love a Vie en Rose Fashion Show, it reminds of the beauty of the feminine silhouette. This time around, Robes de Papier is one of the most innovative designer thus, followed by the concept Sass it up. Let us know what you think about Robes de Papier and Sass it up!


Vie en Rose

la-vie-en-rose-4206 la-vie-en-rose-4228 la-vie-en-rose-4287 la-vie-en-rose-4426 la-vie-en-rose-4482


adrene-3233-Edit adrene-3318


dynamite-3697 dynamite-3711 dynamite-3727


marigold-by-marilyne-baril-1914 marigold-by-marilyne-baril-1925 marigold-by-marilyne-baril1932 marigold-by-marilyne-baril-1945 marigold-by-marilyne-baril1975

Rob Chamaeleo

rob-chamaeleo-2746 rob-chamaeleo-2778 rob-chamaeleo-2793 rob-chamaeleo-2808 rob-chamaeleo-2810 rob-chamaeleo-2838 rob-chamaeleo-2903 rob-chamaeleo-3073

Robes de Papier

robes-de-papier-2239  robes-de-papier-2254

Sass It Up 

sass-it-up-1640 sass-it-up-1646 sass-it-up-1649 sass-it-up-1697 sass-it-up-1703 sass-it-up-1760 sass-it-up-1801 sass-it-up-1805 sass-it-up-1873

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Photos by @Eldon Tarnowski 

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