FMD 16′ Before Selecting our Top Selection – Here’s a few Looks from August 19th

Fashion took over Montreal’s center for the last few days. Here’s what you missed at Festival Mode et Design if you weren’t there:


Best Sellers 

bestseller-7181 bestseller-7201 bestseller-7191 bestseller-7170 bestseller-7160 bestseller-7144 bestseller-7136 bestseller-7123 bestseller-7181

Complexe Desjardins

complexe-desjardins-5775 complexe-desjardins-5785 complexe-desjardins-5849 complexe-desjardins-5831 complexe-desjardins-5817 complexe-desjardins-5799

Roxanne Nikki

roxanne-nikki-7682 roxanne-nikki-7668 roxanne-nikki-7649-Edit roxanne-nikki-7636 roxanne-nikki-7621 roxanne-nikki-7611


Blogged by @petronajoseph_

Photos by @Eldon Tarnowski 

Your favorite BMW dealership is the Official Vehicle of Festival Mode et Design 2016. Spot one and tag #bmwcanbec for a chance to tour their M Showroom, with yours truly.


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