#FASHIONUNFOLD – The Hottest Fashion Party in Montreal by Noelly Sam

If you’re an industry Influencer, your inbox is always flooded with invites and organizations wanting to piggyback of your presence at events. I always tell new #Bloggers to choose selectively and carefully. If you goal is to seek attention by numerous Facebook posts and IG stories, this party may not be for you.

#FashionUnfold is an award-winning Fashion series on Twitter ran by Noelly Sam for the last five years. Every second Tuesday of the month, we congregate at 1:00 pm on Twitter and debate on Fashion Issues. If you want to meet International Fashion Influencers, this is the platform for you.

The club also helps Influencers understand what other Influncers are thinking about Industry trends or issues. Personally, I have debated and have changed some of my marketing strategies as a result of what was said in the debate.

The movement is not an attention seeking phenomena instead, it seeks to be critical of what’s going on in the world of Fashion. Cheers to many more! Join us this Thursday!


Bringing another successful year to a close!

Fashion Unfold is hosting a style-worthy fashion and cocktail meetup open to both fashion professionals and enthusiasts interested in proposing a toast to 5 years of fashion, dreams and unfolding. Moreover, prior to the evening of fun, Fashion Unfold will kick off the celebration with a very first Facebook LIVE panel @ 1:30PM ET. Do keep an eye on our Facebook page as we reveal the panelists.

In the meantime, watch “You Can Unfold With Us” the short fashion film we shot at SafeHouseMtl for the occasion: https://goo.gl/wXSzgz

So, to all loyal Fashion Unfolders from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and supporters globally, you are invited to join in and be part of the celebration. If you are in Montreal and plan on attending the cocktail party, just remember to wear your trendiest looks + bring great conversation!


Noelly Sam – Founder of #FashionUnfold


Founded by Noëlly Sam five years ago, Fashion Unfold has been leveraging the power of social media to initiate thought-provoking discussions on the business of fashion. Initially making ground breaking appeal on Twitter, their extended success has resulted in numerous collaborations, befriending among others content creators, designers, influencers and creatives globally. Fashion Unfold received the Best Use Of Twitter Award from the Montreal Fashion Bureau, recognizing the successful use of social media by a fashion company.

For more information, please contact: hello@fashionunfold.com

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